Third Annual Festive Amiga Game-Making Competition
Welcome to the third year of the Annual Amiga Game-Making Competition. This time you will now be able to enter your game in a choice of two categories - classic and next generation Amigas.
Competition Rules
Theme: Create an Amiga game adaption of the film, television or book franchise of your choice! This also includes cartoons and anime too. The only exception is you cannot make a game based on something that was already made into an Amiga game. Please announce your franchise choice on the forums or e-mail me at arcadecammy at . It can be a single level, or an incomplete game, but make sure it is at least playable, and of course more complete games will probably be rated higher.

Chosen franchises:

Stargate SG-1 by TheAMIgaOne
BMX Bandits by MZ3540
Swallows and Amazons by Dreedo
Deal or No Deal by Ze Emulatron
John Carter of Mars by Rockersuke

Time limit: The end-date of the competition has now been extended to January 31st. This means you have a chance to get something entered and if you've already finished your game, it'll give you more time to polish it before release. Final judging will take into account those entries that were completed by the original end-date and bonus points will be awarded. All the rules are still the same, the competition is simply being extended by a month

When you finish making the game you should upload what you have completed so far of your game to an online host where we can download it from and re-host it on the Amiga Christmas Tree website (where the competition details will also be hosted).
Useful Game Development Resources
Game making programs with point and click GUI

Backbone - Easily build your own platform games and overhead multi-directional shooters.

The full Backbone game making package
Final update for Backbone
Free keyfile to unlock all Backbone's features

GRaphic Adventure Creator and GRaphic Adventure Authoring Language - Create your own Point & Click Adventure games.

Full GRAC 2 package
Extras for GRAC 2 Intro creator for GRAC 2

3D Game Creator - Create your own three dimensional game worlds.

3D Game Creator

Graphics Resources

Spriters Resource
Background HQ
Pixel Joint - Pixel Art Community
Open Game Art

Programming Resources

Amiga Developers Docs
AmiDevCPP - Cross Development Environment
Full, registered version of the AmigaE compiler
Amiga Developer Help Site
Blitz Basic II
CubicIDE Programming Environment
The ECX Compiler
Amiga University
ASM-One 68k and PPC Developer Environment
Inform for the Amiga
Hollywood 4.8
PortablE Language and Compiler